The time of the month is when you experience a roller coaster of emotions, pain, cramps and tears. Some are fortunate to have no cramps at all and some have to result to painkillers in order to get through the day without blacking out. Menstrual cramps are so common during the time of the month. Throughout history, women have learnt to deal with this discomfort with unique home remedies. Since we are losing so much liquid from our body, what better way than to hydrate with these awesome drinks while getting rid of the cramps at the same time!



We begin with the classic chamomile tea. This common drink is no stranger to insomnia and anxiety. But did you know that it has its anti-inflammatory properties that could also calm abdominal pains? It acts as a mild sedative to that will reduce cramps in the body. There is no fixed dose of chamomile but according to a study, the daily dose would be 9-15 grams. So 5 cups of chamomile tea daily should be the limit. The ancient Egyptians were already using this plant as a remedy. Overtime you can see that the use of the plant remains the same and is recognised by many medical practitioners. On a side note, chamomile can not only aid cramps but can fight cold, diabetes, wounds, cancer and so on. This makes the effects of chamomile tea to the body amazing.



The combination of ginger, lemon and cinnamon can pack a punch to rid menstrual cramps. Ginger is well-known to be a superfood and has anti-inflammation properties. As it is comparable to ibuprofen, ginger effectively relives painful cramps. Cinnamon is a good source of manganese, iron and calcium which is good for blood loss. Lemon gives the much-needed vitamin C to the body. Individually they are good, put them together and you get an awesome drink that works wonders during menstruation. If you’re afraid of the tea being too bitter or sour, after seeping the tea, add honey or sugar for a tinge of sweetness.

Fennel tea can also be an excellent drink to get rid of cramps. Fennel seed contains a component called anethole which aids in pain relief, regulation of menstruation, metabolism and so on. Similar to the ginger, it works as effectively as the ibuprofen. When cumin and coriander is added to the tea, they improve the menstruation irregularity as well as help with the cramping. To make it into a tea, add equal proportions of fennel, cumin and coriander seeds with 3 cups of water. Bring the liquid to a boil and set aside to let the flavour and nutrients seep into the water before it is ready to consume.

Basil, carrot, lemon and peaches seems like a unique combination. This is a juice that would not only boost your health but most importantly relieve menstrual cramps. Carrots aid with the heavy or irregular flow of blood during menstruation. Naturally, this would reduce the cramps. Basil also has the anti-microbial properties which reduces the pain. Peaches regulates the blood circulation and improves uterus health. Together with the vitamin C in the lemon, a blend of these four different foods will fill your body with nutrients you need during your menstruation. You will need 5 peaches, 8 carrots, half a lemon and 3 basil leaves to make this juice.

A good combination of drinks is depended on what your body needs. Different remedies work on different people and you should find what suits your body the best. Do consult on your medical practitioner if your menstruation cramps worsen. These drinks are not miracle workers but they are good enough to ease the pain and improve your mood as you go through the day without worrying about the pain of the time of the month.