Fried shallots are widely used in Asian cuisine and are a popular garnish in many Malaysian dishes. They complete the taste of a variety of hawker food particularly noodles and rice.

Whilst fried shallots are traditionally made in a wok or a frying pan over the stove, perfect fried shallots can also be made very easily in the microwave oven.


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Place sliced shallots in a large microwave-safe bowl. Add sufficient cooking oil to cover the shallots. Cover bowl with a piece of paper towel or greaseproof paper if necessary to prevent any splattering.
Cook on MICRO POWER high for 5 – 10 minutes, stirring every 1 minute. Less or more time may be required depending on the quantity of shallots being made.
Stop cooking when the shallots are a golden brown, do not let the shallots become too brown as they will continue to cook further out of the microwave oven.

Microsoft Word - Tip 5 - PERFECT FRIED SHALLOTS.docx
Immediately strain the fried shallots and spread them out on paper towels to absorb excess oil. Reserve the strained shallot oil for dishes that require it.

Microsoft Word - Tip 5 - PERFECT FRIED SHALLOTS.docx
Once the fried shallots are cool, store them in an air tight container. Use as required.

To keep the fried shallots crunchy, do not leave them to soak in the shallot oil. Strain away the oil as soon as the shallots are cooked one shade lighter than the desired colour. The shallots will darken slight as they cool.