When it comes to enjoying prawns, everyone would love to eat them peeled since prawns with their shells on are a hassle to remove. Most of us are also too lazy or maybe think that it is too time consuming to just peel a single prawn, let alone deveining them. If you love prawns but dislike the time it takes to prepare them, follow our simple steps and you’ll have them ready for the barbeque, a salad or seafood platter in no time.

To devein a prawn, one must know the basics of peeling them. To peel, simply hold the body in one hand, and grasp the head in the other, then just twist and pull. Use your thumb and forefinger to grasp as many of the legs as you can, and peel the shell under and away from you. Repeat for any shell left at the tail end. With that, you are just one step away from having a prawn peeled and deveined.

We won’t lie,. Deveining shrimp can be a messy task if you’re not accustomed to it. There are many questions that come to mind: How do you locate the vein? Where do you pierce the shrimp? How does one remove the vein (which is actually the shrimp’s digestive tract)? The easiest method is to use a small, sharp knife to make a slit along the middle of its back to expose its dark vein and pull out the vein. To devein a prawn without slicing its back, use your fingers to carefully pull the vein through the prawn’s head opening to remove.

And just like that, you will have perfectly peeled and deveined prawns. With adequate practice, you will get accustomed to quickly peeling and deveining prawns, saving you time when preparing or consuming any dish!